Amelleon 6 Set Packing Cubes, multicolor Travel Organizer

Amelleon 6 Set large capacity ultralight Packing Cubes, multicolor Travel Organizer, with laundry bag and shoes bag.

My family and I are always on the go. Trying to pack and keep things organize is task. Normally I pack everyone's things in pubs big bag. That was I nightmare. Packing for four females is of packing even if it just a one day trip. It's my two daughters, my mom, and myself. Since I like to be prepared for anything, you could only imagine I don't pack light. I like to keep an emergency bag in our van. I like to put all our stuff in one bag because the hassle to get things out and it in turn becomes messy and unorganized.

We tried individual bags, but that is also a hassle. I'm partially disabled and my 4 year old daughter don't like to hold much. Having to juggle multiple bags is not easy nor is it fun.
I like these packing cubes, they are easy to pack, easy to carry anywhere, and in anything. They come in 6 pieces in different sizes. 5 of them are flat rectangle zipper bags, 4 of them have mesh tops. the last bag is a big drawstring.
I use the Medium(11.8"x7.9"x3.2") for my 4 year old daughters clothes, 1 of the Large(13.8"x10.6"x3.9") for my 12 year old and one for my mom. After packing the cubes, I will place them in 1 bag or suitcase for easy transport. I like these bags, they make packing and carrying easy for transport.

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