Ancord Bluetooth Shower Speaker Waterproof IPX6

Ancord Bluetooth Shower Speaker Waterproof IPX6

Been looking for a small speaker that gives off a powerful sound? Then you would love this speaker from Ancord. Perfect to use anywhere. It is small enough to carry in a bag, big enough not to loose, and has a carrying strap. This version comes in two colors green and orange. I t would be nice is the company offer more of a selection. Colors ranging like red, black, blue, purple, pink, white.

The sound is loud and clear. Since we are consistently on the go this have been prefect for us. When we go to work we usually take a radio or use our phone for music. According the area we might not get good signal but when using the Ancord we worry less. Once we can get service that allow iHeart radio, or Pandora  to connect we are to use the Ancord and hear the music through out the area that we are working in.

I like using it to connect my phone or laptop when I'm doing house work. When I have a lot of dishes to wash I would put a video, movie or show to watch on my phone connect the speaker and I have a great entertainment setup personally for my enjoyment. When watching movies from the laptop this speaker makes the audio so much better.

It also lovely to take outside. It's loud enough to hear over the outdoor noise. The kids can run around and make as much noise as they want, The speaker can still be heard. It also a wonderful speaker for my kids. It is very durable, my 4 year daughter like to use it to hear her shows on her tablet better. She have made it fall many items since we have been using it. There are no scratched, dents, cracks on it and it still plays clear.

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