Glitz Star 8 Pack Anti Slip Corners Rug Pad

Glitz Star 8 Pack Anti Slip Corners Rug Pad

Extra thick, super sticky. Perfect for any rug, it even works for any object that need\s to stay in place and not move. work on any material I've tried so far.

These pads have many different uses. Original purpose is to attach a rug to the floor to prevent it from slipping. It can also prevent furniture from moving. My favorite is using it to hold my kids items in place. I am able to hold their containers, decoration and toys in place.

100% Premium PU, washable and reusable, double coated tissue tape, Prevents rug’s corners from curling up - The SUPER stickiness keeps the corners laid flat all the time.

For SUPER stickiness - Wipe floor and adhesive gel with rubbing alcohol
For renew the sticky- Wipe down the adhesive gel with wet cloth, if needed, you can wash the rug grippers on both sides, then dry it.
Keep your rug stay in place - The anti slip rug pad will stick to about any flat surface. Works well on wood floors, tile and laminate surfaces. Keep your carpets in place all the time, don’t worry tumbling on your carpet.
Easy to get off from your floor - Put some water around the grippers, wait for about 5 minutes, then it’s easy for you to remove the grippers from your floor

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