INNX Storage Organizer Designed 4 Storage Net for SUV, Minivan, Trucks Seatback, 48"x12"

INNX Storage Organizer Designed 4 Storage Net for SUV, Minivan, Trucks Seatback, 48"x12"

Perfect for anyone with a vehicle that they try to keep clean, organized and neat. On a regular day of travel it's myself, my mom and my 2 daughter a 4 and 12 year old. You could only imagine that our van can get really messy really fast. The smallest trip can take all day with us. A simple grocery trip can take a minimum of 2 hours. I don't like being without anything at any point of time. If I was able to pack the kitchen sink I would. I am able to pack wipes, bottles, containers, boxes into this caddy's compartments. The material is very strong and durable, does not tear or pull under force of items. The stitching does not easily break once it is attached to the seat and the weight of the item are in it. Most seat-back organizers have only 2 straps to attach around the headrest. The INNX has 3 adjustable straps for around the headrest and 2 adjustable straps on the side to prevent it from moving around during movement.

MULTI USAGE -It can be used in the rear seat, front seat as well as truck seat. Ideal for collecting all the small stuffs with 4 storage net (12"x 7.8" each), like diaper,toys,food, or can be used as a litter bag if necessary.
LARGE CAPACITY-with 4 measuring 12"x 7.8" mesh storage bag, you can put many of clean stuff,like windshield treatment, microfiber towel,engine oil, brush,or even smaller fire Extinguisher, shoes etc.
HEAVY DUTY FABRIC- Made of heavy duty oxford fabric, which is durable enough for long road trip and heavy stuffs,pls make sure that the straps are securely fasten to the head rest.
EASY INSTALL-Using the adjustable strap to secure the organizer on the headrests, three headrest for rear bench seat, and two for front seat. You can also tie the two side straps on seat to keep this storage organizer in place during long driving.
1 Year Warranty


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