Valentines Day!!

"Love is in the air, every time I look around". That's right Valentine's Day is back, more gift giving, love spreading, baby making(lol), heart breaking. So what are your plans for this year? Who is your Valentine?

This year it's all about my 7 year old daughter. Planning activities with kids is so much fun!! I would like to share a few ideas and activities that can be done with supplies already in the house, or can be purchased under budget. Most of all very fun.

Heart Shaped Flower
You can just print the print the picture above and color it, Create a 2D flower by following the simple steps, or create 3D flower by adding a middle and a stronger base to support the weight.

Supplies we are going to use:
- Construction paper ( you can choose the colors you like)
- Scissors
- Glue
- Glitter (would get messy)
- Crayons, markers, color pencils (your choice)
- You can use your imagination and add things as you go along

First draw and cut out hearts. Size and amount is up to you. As the one in the picture above 13 minimum for a nice looking flower. 9 for the flower, and 4 for the base. Keep in mind the more hearts the heavier it will be, so the stem should be thicker.

You can save this heart to your computer and adjust the size then print. I am using it at  4"x4", but i suggest 2"x2" to keep things simple.
Trace your desired amount of hearts on your chosen colors of construction paper.
Since I am making ours 3D i would be doubling the amount of hearts, using 18 for the flower and 8 for the base.

When all your hearts are cut out you can decorated them how ever you like. Get creative you can draw insects, bugs, words no limitations.I might stick to just glitter.

While the hearts are drying from what ever decoration, we can make our stems. Remember to keep the weight of the flower in mind. If needed you can used a empty toilet or paper towel roll, but a construction paper rolled and glue at the ends would work. Pick your desired height and circumference of your base.
For the standard 9 2"x2" heart flower, the paper could be cut at 6"Lx4"W to support such a flower.
Glue the ends of the paper length ways (the long way, vertical) so it is 6" tall. DO NOT CREASE! leave round like a cylinder

 My daughter and I need an middle for our flower to make ours 3D so we would just compel regular paper into a ball.

Now its time to glue the hearts together. Start by gluing about 1/2" of the end of three hearts together. Fanning  them out (turning them in three different directions) as in the picture above. You can also use a cut out circle as a center. Continue gluing the hearts in the back of the1st three hearts only placing in the three open spaces from the 1st 3 hearts, this would be 6 hearts so far. Do the same for the final 3 hearts, gluing them behind the second row of hearts opening. your flower should look like the picture.

Leave your flower to dry while you glue the 4 remaining hearts to your stem as a base. Glue 2 hearts ends touching on one side of your stem (refer to picture above) and the other two on the other.

And there you go you should have a stand up flower. If anyone acctualy make the flower please send me a picture of how it turns out.Once my daughter and I complete ours I will post a picture of finished flower.

Thank you!
Have fun!
God Bless!

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