Covenant House

A few years back, I read this book about distressed teens. These teens were from different states across America. One story I distinctively remember is of a young girl between the age of 9 and 13, who ran away from the home of her physically and sexually abusive single father. Only to be picked up by a street thug that forced her into prostitution. One day she was rescued by the members of the Covenant House in their trusty van, off of the dangerous streets from that dangerous life. Ever since reading this book and many others with similar stories, written about the Covenant house and their children, I have been dedicated to be active in their service.

“Covenant House was founded in 1972 with the simple, profound mission to help homeless kids escape the streets. Today we are the largest privately funded charity in the Americas providing loving care and vital services to homeless, abandoned, abused, trafficked, and exploited youth.” Covenant house provides many programs to supply our youth with a holistic approach to leaving the streets and achieving independence. a wide array of in-house training programs, including healthcare, educational support, GED preparation, job readiness and skills training, drug abuse treatment and prevention, legal services, mental health services, the Mother/Child program, life skills training, and aftercare.

I try to donate regularly, mainly in-kind meaning clothes, supplies, books, household items.

I ask PLEASE check them out. covenanthouse
You can donate online Donation
Or you can locate one of their house and personally drop off items Locations

Thank You
God Bless!

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