Increasing In Faith

At the beginning of the year my family and I did a spiritual Daniel Fast with our church. For seven days we drank nothing but water, and ate only fruits and vegetables. No dairy, sweeteners, yeast, preservatives, processed food, none of the yummy goodness that our taste buds are so used too. We prayed 5 times a day, and attended regular bible study. No television, phone, or any outside contamination from society. Honestly since the fast my life has changed a lot. My health is better, my personality, my family is closer, and great things are happening in my life. The answer to all problems and the key to all success is God. Building and strong relationship with God is the first step to a meaningful, happy, prosperous life. There are many resources that can help anyone that would like to learn, build, increase their faith.

Here are a few books that I am currently reading:
 1) This book is from my Bishop of my church Faith Family Finances By Henry Fernandez
 2) Understanding The 3 Levels Of Salvation: Spirit, Soul & Body!
 3) Akasha Core Rejuvenation: Spiritual Upliftment Package
 4) Christian Affirmations And Personalized Bible Scriptures

For those wanting more this is the way to go.
Have faith, stay strong
God Bless

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