My Duaghter's hair style of the week.

So I like to braid. My daughter is my number 1 client. The best product I have found to use in her hair is Wen. Check them out: Wen. I must say besides the price tag  this product is unbelievable. It truly does what it says. My daughters hair is very thick, wavy, and can get very dry if not taken care of. I have been using Wen in her hair for about 2 years, and it has worked very well. Her hair is soft, manageable, and easy to comb. But for the price tag many refuse to purchase this high quality product. Don''t worry i am planing to change it and see what else works. A tip from me to you, you can do a eBay search for Wen, it is sold for much cheaper than the company, SSHHH. I like to try different products, I"ll post occasional reviews of  them. If you would like more details of a product that I have already posted please let me know. Something also to look out for in the future, I do also make my own natural products for my hair (when I have time, and energy) and I would be selling them.

Check this eBook out it teaches how to braid your own hair, put in weave, take care of natural hair and much more, I LOOVE IT!!.
Hair eBook

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