The soft, classic feel of o.b.tampons is unnoticeable.

I received a free sample from Smiley360.

O.B. tampons are designed to handle your light, moderate, and heavy flow days, all in a no-applicator design to reduce waste. I was shocked when I first went to use an O.B tampon and there was no applicator. I was very lost when I thought about how I was going to get in and for it to stay in. I was so used to tampons with some sort of applicator.

With O.B tampons it just needs to be pushed a little farther than other tampons. Once it is in proper position you can't even feel it is there. I love that it is so small and discrete. It can be stored or hidden anywhere.

I use to have a problem that when I use tampons it would leak through especially when I was active. When I'm using O.B tampons I did not have an issue with leakage. I can use them in confidence know that I won't have to endure an sightly embarrassment.

O.B. tampons are designed to help stop leaks by expanding all around to custom-fit the shape of each woman, all in a less wasteful no-applicator design.

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