Happy New Year!!!

We took the girls in front since it was nice. Dafi has been trying to learn how to ride a bike since we was living in New York 2010 when she was 5 with the training wheels on. Once she outgrew that one It was replaced with a bigger bike yet again with training wheels, in FL 2012. 4 years later yet again another bike, but without training wheels. Thank you Mister Billy for her wonderful Christmas gift. We took it out Christmas Day, she still couldn't ride. Today for the first time my Dafi rode a bike all by herself without training wheels. Wednesday I told her don't be scared, go down the slope, take your feet off the ground, try to balance. Today she caught her balance and started peddling. YAY I'm so proud of her.

SO this is the first lesson of the year: Have faith, don't be scared, take the training wheels off, try something different, learn something new. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF
God has big plans.
Don't stunt your growth because fear.
I'm stepping further out on faith this year, no one tell me I can't

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