I love savings!!!!

When It comes shopping, deal hunting, bargain hunting, coupon-ing, and overall saving money, I am getting better and better. I may not be as great as those women that was featured on the Extreme Couponing aired on TLC. But so far I learned that savings can maximized when coupons can be doubled along with the in-store sale. Not all stores accept coupon doubling, so you must find out before you fill your cart. I get my coupons for the circulars that come in the mail and printing them from online. I have not went as hard and far as buying papers or dumpster diving for coupons as I've seen some do in the show. Nor do I buy coupons, which they do have them on sale on Ebay. I went to Kroger today to pick up some stuff for Tay my 10 month old. After the use of Kroger digital ecoupon and Pampers swaddlers manufacturer coupon I spent $3.65 for a bag of 27 size. If I had properly planned this trip I would of cleared the shelf. I still felt good with my deal even though it was unexpected. Last week I went to Kroger's website and loaded all their digital coupons to my rewards card. I made sure I walked with my coupon folder. It is best to keep your coupon organized. Organized coupon would make saving money easier, faster, and less stressful. I'm not going to lie, it is not easy, sometimes not fun. After you see the savings on your receipt you will be in all your glory.
I live in Decatur, Ga so I can only post sales and potential savings for my area.
I mainly focus on baby, household, toiletries, and hygiene.
If you would like to email about potential weekly savings please don't hesitate, feel free to contact me.
Until next time God Bless!!

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