Beautiful Hair


 OK, so this is an update of my daughter beautiful hair. From the first blog last year to this one, My daughter's has grown in both thickness and length. I still continue to care for her hair without the use of heat. We all need to keep in mind that heat damages hair. I don't use blow dryers, hot combs, curling irons, anything with heat. Once I wash my daughter's hair I style her hair immediately. Our styles consist of cornrows, braids, twist, and flat twist. I never leave her hair open. Because of her type of hair it must be well moisturized.  Not the same products that work for us would work for everyone else and vice versa. Experiment is key. I've tried many products. In my experience I think the natural product works the best and the best effect. Many over the counter products have chemicals in it that causes more harm than good. Just beware of chemicals like alcohol, bleach, Peroxide. When I read the labels I'm normally stay clear of words I can't pronounce. I love Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, argan oil Etc, things of that nature. occasionally when I have time I like to make my own products for the hair. I have been awhile since I made anything, which was back in 2012. Hopefully soon God allowing I would be able to make a few things. Once I do, I would blog the whole process beginning to end, with before and after pics.

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