So much time has past.

During the months of January 2013 to September 2013 of my pregnancy had been very challenging for my family and me. I spent 90% of my time in wheelchair and in and out of the hospital. Once I started to gain weight, it became very painful to walk, move, sit or do anything that I would normally be able to accomplish.
I was unable to take any medication or have any procedures done to control my pain from the multiple herniated disks, which are located in my spine from head to tail. I also have a pinched nerve in my neck and severe nerve damage in my lower back that affects my legs.

My doctors put me on bed rest midway through my pregnancy due to having an easily stimulated and weak uterus. Seeing that my first child was a preemie they expected my second to be one also. Besides my body not being able to carry a baby full term, I had to be monitored because of my chronic high blood pressure. I am very grateful to the doctors and staff at Global OBGYN and Memorial West Hospital for their extra efforts to make as close to a full term baby we could have gotten.

First scare was in March when I started bleeding after standing up from sitting. I was rushed to the ER; diagnosis: chance of miscarriage. So from my 3rd month of pregnancy I was instructed to stay in bed and rest. In April, I started using the assistance of a cane to walk, then a walker by the beginning of May, finally ending up in wheelchair by the end of May.

In June, I was rushed back to the hospital with severe pain in my lower stomach; diagnosis: ligaments stretching. By the time august came I was feeling contractions. Not paying it too much mind considering it could be Braxton Hicks contractions, I tried to do as much as I can through my various pains. During one of my checkups, it was noted that I had started dilating. My contractions were ever lasting. Because of my back, I already could not do a lot, but the contractions made things far more difficult. If I tried to walk from any point to another in the house, my contractions increased. It was bad enough any regular movements like sitting, laying, turning, walking, even moving my head or arms caused me a great deal of pain, the contractions made it a million times worst.

From July I was back and forth in the hospital constantly in preterm labor. I became well known by more than half of the Memorial West labor and delivery staff. With every visit, I was admitted and labor was postponed. After the second admittance in July, my doctors prescribed a medication to try to stop my contractions along with the weekly shot I was receiving to strengthen my uterus. This medication did not stop my contractions but made them very irregular. I was admitted two more times in august. Again, with the strenuous work of Memorial West labor and delivery team my preterm labor was postponed yet again. The second time was extremely close. Stressed induced by the carelessness and stupidity of a transportation driver and his company (I would not go into details unless requested). His actions caused me to be rushed to the hospital during this routine medical run. This time the team had to work harder. Contractions were stronger and closer. They pumped me with more medication than I could ever imagine. After 10 days of IV, pills, and shots, my contractions were again irregular, and I was discharged. Finally, my last trip to labor and delivery, after 5 days my doctors agreed that it was ok for me to deliver my baby. They took me off all medication and induced my labor. I spent about 30 minutes in active labor after my water fully broke (my sac ruptured twice during my pregnancy).
On September 4th 2013, 7:14 pm I gave birth to a healthy 7 lbs. 4 oz. baby girl, who was originally due October 1.

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