Virtual Reality headset

Virtual Reality headset by Novapolt

We are gamers, we love all categories of games

I have been hearing and seeing the advertisement for virtual reality glasses for months now. I have been unsure on which one is good or not. There are so many different brands out there. So many different prices. 

I came across this Virtual Reality headset by Novapolt through a general Amazon search.
This 3D virtual reality goggles headset is for Iphones and Android. Novapolt recommends that you download their App, unless you can understand Chinese, don't worry about using the App. I went to Google App Play Store, typed in 3D Virtual Reality games. There are many to choose from. Roller coasters, Jurassic parks, water slides, Zombies, what ever your preference. I really enjoy the Sky diving game. My daughters each have their own preference. My 4 year old enjoys animals and dinosaurs. While my 12 year old like the rides.

I have a ZTE phone which fits nicely in the phone holder part of the glasses.
The straps adjustable to fit the users head. 1 on either side on the glasses and 1 on top. These straps are adjusted by Velcro.
There are 3 nobs to adjust video. 1 on either side of the glasses and the 1 on top.

This device perfectly enjoyable for all ages. It's definitely a step up from the cardboard goggles.

Check out my girls enjoying themselves. My 4 year old is adorably funny.

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