Terry Treetop and the Christmas Star

Terry Treetop and the Christmas Star is a wonderful story.
My daughter loves this book Terry Treetop and the Christmas Star. We have read it 2 nights in a row.
The illustrations are clean, pretty and bright. My daughter have been trying to narrate the story just from looking at the pictures. She interacts a lot with the story, and she anticipates the actions of the characters. The part that received the most reaction from her was, when Terry climbed up the tree to rescue the squirrel.
The rhyming is very enjoyable. The words are basic and simple. Very easy for the reader to memorize. Perfect for kids that are now learning how to read. The words are easy to follow along.
My daughter have already requested the books that are in the series.
This is a nice book because it teaches the kids that you should be kind and help out all living things.
The books come as a digital ebook, which makes it very accessible. We are constantly on the road, so being able to have multiple books in the same place makes our life easier.

The book can be bought here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0784T67X9

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