All the hard work

In April 2013, I finally graduated with my Associate degree in business management. I thank God for giving me the extra strength during my 2 years of studying. Even though I was battling with my many medical issues, I graduated with a 3.8.
I attended Anthem online college. I must admit I was very skeptical when I thought about going to school online back in July 2011. Once I enrolled and I saw my schedule, I was scared of not being able to complete it. After the first few classes, it seemed easier than I thought.
I highly recommend online study if you are an independent learner. Studying through an online school can be very difficult. Even though the schedule is very much open, there are live lectures that have to attend, assignments, and test that has to be submitted by a certain time. It is easier on commuting and managing other events.
I am unsure how the other schools organize their classes, but Anthem College online is great. The staff is extremely helpful and they response time is fast.
I am currently considering going back into school for my Bachelor's Degree. I doubt it would be at Anthem since they do not offer what I am looking for. When I complete my research, I shall blog again.

Until next time, God bless.

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